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KOKOBI ZHENMI Rice Cooker, 3 Packs, Sugar Cut, High Temperature Steam Type, Sugar Cut Rice Cooker, Low Sugar Quality, Low Sugar Cooker, Off Sugars, Steamless Cooker, Sugar Cut, Low Sugar Reduction, Diet, Healthy Support Rice Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steam, Multi-functional, Thick Pot, Diet, Healthy Support Rice Cooker, Rice Cooking Jar

Thương hiệu   Brand: KOKOBI
13 đánh giá
Giá: 6.615.600 đ 29.800 ¥

Mô tả ngắn

  • 3 step rice cooker: With regular rice cooker, you can cook rice that contains rice and sugars, but the ZHENMI sugar cut rice cooker cuts sugar by removing the boiled juice in the middle of the day. The sugar extruded boiled water flows firmly into the drainage tank at the bottom of the rice cooker, and the high temperature steam circulates and the rice is steamed
  • Cuts up to 44% Sugar and 43% Calories: The ZHENMI Sugar Rice Cooker cuts sugar (starch) up to 44% compared to regular rice cookers and cuts energy (calories) up to 43%. The main ingredient of rice, the starch is decomposed to glucose (single sugar) and absorbed in the small intestine. By reducing the amount of starch content, you can decrease the amount of sugar intake
  • Multi-functional Modes: ZHENMI is equipped with a variety of functions besides sugar-cutting rice. It has a multi-grain rice cooker, rice sauce function, heat preservation, and a mode for cooking mixed rice or yoku. The brown rice mode is not included. You can steam and cook foods such as vegetables and seafood as rice. With a high temperature of 206°F (102°C), you can clean the steam of baby bottles and tableware
  • (22 Minutes Fast Rice Cooker) Rice cooked using this rice cooker is a little sweeter, and has a pleasant scent compared to regular rice cooker. In addition, it cook quickly, and it took 40 minutes to cook in traditional sugar cut rice cooker, but ZHENMI cook rice in just 22 minutes. By using the 12H Smart Timer, you can spend less time cooking in the day
  • (One piece molding colander made of Daikin fluorine resin paint) The sugar cutting rice cooking colander (inner pot) has 919 small steam holes, so that rice and ingredients are evenly wrapped in high temperature steam. The surface is coated with fluorine resin paint by Daikin Industry Co., Ltd., which means it is easy to wash with water, and it is rust and abrasive resistant, so it is long lasting. 5: Daikin is a registered trademark or trademark of Daikin Kogyo Co., Ltd

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