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Yupiteru Drive Recorder WD320S 2 Million Pixels Full HD Sony CMOS Sensor with STARVIS Night Image Correction Noise Protection, LED Signal Supported, SD Card (16 GB) Included, G-Sensor, GPS Function, Safe Driving Assist Function, Parking Monitor Function, Amazon.co.jp Exclusive

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  • It is no longer a good daytime. Equipped with Sony CMOS sensor "STARVIS" that provides overwhelming detail regardless of day or night
  • Accessories: Cigar plug cord with 5V converter x 1, bracket x 1, microSD card (16 GB) x 1, warranty card (English language not guaranteed) *User manual can be downloaded from Yupitel HP
  • (Basic Specifications) 2 megapixel recording, nighttime recording, GPS, HDR, safety driving support function (delays, lane department, forward collision), equipped with warning, G-sensor (impact recording), one-touch recording, maximum recording angle of 160°, parking monitoring recording
  • [Options] Direct connection cord with 5V converter: OP-E863, Power unit with voltage monitoring: OP-VMU01, Multi battery: OP-MB4000, AC adapter: OP-E368, *If you use the power unit with voltage monitoring function or multi-battery, you will need a direct connection cord with 5V converter

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Style:1) WD320S

A compact dash camera that is recommended by Yupitel, a leader in the drive recorder industry, so it can record clearly even at night.
WEB Limited WD320S GPS Night Compatible Compact Dash Cam
Amazon Limited Entry Model Drive Recorder WD320S launched in May 2021.
By using the "White Box" instruction manual (English language not guaranteed) on the package (English language not guaranteed)
This is a full-spec model equipped with Sony CMOS sensor "STARVISTM", but is an entry model that is affordable.

Records clearly at night. Equipped with a 2 megapixel CMOS sensor by Sony
Equipped with a CMOS sensor that uses STARVIS™ technology for high sensitivity and high image quality.
Records overwhelming detail at night, in dark places, through privacy glass or through smoke glass.
Recording image quality: Supports 2 megapixel full HD high-resolution recording. You can also enjoy the video of your daily ride later.
Equipped with HDR function: Records clearer footage by reducing black spots and white spots that occur when shooting in backlight or at night.

Wide angle recording to prevent missing shots:
Equipped with a wide angle lens with a maximum recording angle of 160° (horizontally 138° vertical) to prevent missing records.

Safety function for when in case of emergency:
GPS Reception Supported: Receives radio waves from satellites, records the location of the photo and the driving speed. It also automatically corrects the time so you can record the accurate time.
SD card check function: In the event that the SD card is forgotten, damaged or fault, the recording will be notified by the screen and sound.
Emergency Power Supply (Super Capacitor): If the power is suddenly shut off due to a serious accident, it uses a built-in emergency power supply to prevent video damage during recording.

(Safe 3 Recording Methods)
Continuous Recording: Automatically turns recording on and off when engines are turned on and off. Prevents forgetting to turn on
G (Shock) Sensor Recording: The recorded video is saved in a special folder so that when an impact is detected.
One-touch recording: Manually save the recorded video to a special folder.

Equipped with safety driving support function (function can be turned on/off by function).
◆Delay warning: The previous car is started.
If the previous car calls and still stops, such as waiting for signal, when you are occupied with a conversation, the display and sound will notify.
Lane Department: Lane will notify you of protrusion
When it detects your lane depression (extrusions from running lanes) it will notify you with the display and sound.
◆Forward collision Alert: Alert you about approach to the previous car.
If you are too close to the previous car while driving, the display and sound will notify.

The safety driving aid function may not be functional depending on weather conditions, GPS positioning conditions, and the shape of the front vehicle.
For more information, please check the manufacturer's HP.

Other Features:
◆Terrestrial digital noise countermeasure: Unique technology reduces inevitable noises caused during high-resolution recording.
Records well even on LED signals across Japan... Supports frequencies in East and West Japan.
Automatic screen off function (can be turned on and off).
Voice recording (can be turned on and off).
Equipped with SD card format button: Long press the button while recording is stopped, and the screen will start formating.
TIMES CLUB Road Service "Car Rescue" 1 year free Registration is required to use the Times Club road service.

Cigarette lighter plug cord with 5V converter (approx. 13.9 ft (4 m)) / Bracket/Micro SD card <16 GB MLC system>/ Warranty card (comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty included)

Compatible Options List Sold Separately:
OP-E863 Direct Connection Cord with 5V Converter, Approx. 13.8 ft (4 m)... You can power directly from the interior accessory terminals without using a cigarette lighter socket.
AC adapter OP-E368: Can be used at home.
Direct connection unit with voltage monitoring function OP-VMU01: Power supply unit with off-timer settings and vehicle battery voltage monitoring function for parking records.
Multi-Battery OP-MB4000: When the engine is turned off, it will record parking by supplying power from a multi-battery charged while driving.
When using "power supply unit with voltage monitoring" or "multi-battery", a direct connection cord with a 5V converter is required.

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