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Komine LK-122 Reminder Alarm Disc Lock for Motorcycles, Alarm Pad Lock, For Use With Motorcycles, Purchase Set

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1380 đánh giá
Giá: 1.334.290 đ 6.235 ¥

Mô tả ngắn

  • The Amazon points given for this item are granted to be combined and given to each individual item. Please check your order confirmation screen for the exact number of points.
  • Item (left): Disc lock with alarm function for vibration and motion detecting.
  • Item(left): Includes reminder wire to prevent forgetting to remove and pouch for easy carrying
  • Product (left): (Accessories) Reminder wire x 1, Keys, 1 Replacement battery set (LR44 x 6).
  • Product (left): Alarm: When it detects an vibration once in the standby state, the alarm will ring 3 times, and if it senses vibration, the alarm will continue to ring.
  • Item(Right): Padlock with alarm alarm when it detects vibration.
  • Item (Right): Padlock design, not only a disc lock, but also can be used with your own chain
  • Item (Right): Alarm function can be turned on and off by inserting the U shackle.
  • Product (Right): Note: Due to the change of specifications, the included keys may be 2 or 3 keys. You cannot choose the number of keys you want. Please acknowledge

Thông tin sản phẩm

Style:LK-122 Disc Lock  |  Pattern Name:アラームディスクロック+アラームパッドロック

コミネ(KOMINE) バイク用 リマインダーアラームディスクロック LK-122

コミネ(KOMINE) バイク用 アラームパッドロック LK-120

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