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Simmons Mattress Single Amazon.co.jp Exclusive Color Beauty Rest® 6.5" Pocket Coil Mattress

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  • Installation / Assembly / Delivery service is available in some areas. If you see "Service Options" on this page, you can choose the one you want
  • Dimensions: Width 38.2 inches (97 cm) x Length 77.8 inches (195 cm) x Thickness 9.3 inches (23.5 cm); Weight: 50.9
  • 1.9mm 6.5" Pocket Coil / Urethane
  • Double sided
  • Made in Japan
  • Products sold and shipped by Simmons Co., Ltd. Strict Simmons inspection and thorough quality control

Thông tin sản phẩm

Size:シングル  |  Pattern Name:Thickness: 9.3 inches (23.5 cm) (Amazon exclusive)

■ 6.5-inch pocket coil mattress
Easy to customize to your own preference, and a virtually secure mattress with shaved elements.
Stable, classic sleeping comfort. 6.5 inches tall, coil wire diameter is about 1.9mm (medium hardness)
Pocket coil A classic coil that is often introduced to hotels.
By minimizing the filling other than coils, the pocket coil brings out the original sleeping comfort.
We use a classic coil that is difficult to separate your preferences, but when you want to make it a little softer from the after.
Simply layer the bed pad of your choice or a thin urethane mat over your mattress.
Simple structure makes it easy to adjust to your preference.

■ Support your body in a "point" to create a natural sleeping position.
Wrapped in a non-woven bag (pocket), it moves independently and supports the body by a "point".
The light part of the body is small, and the heavy part reacts to the coil. It conforms to the contours and weight of your body to maintain a natural and comfortable sleeping position.

■Consistently production in our own factory. Made in Japan for traceability.
The pocket coil affects the comfort of your mattress is originally developed in Japan from raw materials.
By consistently manufacturing our own factories in Koyama Town, Shizuoka Prefecture, we provide high quality, high performance mattresses with reliable traceability.
We have put strict standards in our house and carefully produce the product repeatedly tested.

◆How to maintain your mattress
1) Cleaning
Unlike futons, the mattress has a filling of steel springs and urethane, so please do not touch the dust and vacuum with an electric vacuum cleaner.

2) Use of Bed Pad
Mattress is sensitive to moisture. Always use a bed pad or sheet on the top of the mattress.
Bed pads and sheets should be laundered. (For washable bed pads)

3) Mattress rotation.
Depending on the size of the mattress regularly (once every 2-3 months), you can turn the mattress over for 1 or 2 people or more,
Turn the head and foot side. The secret to using the entire mattress on average is to last a lifetime.
Some mattresses have a single sided fit. In this case, simply change the direction of the head and legs and do not need to turn inside out.

4)Ventilation and ventilation
Periodically open the bedroom windows for ventilation and ventilation.
Insufficient ventilation and ventilation may cause mold and odor to occur, especially during the rainy season.
For long term storage, please store in a low humidity area. Moisture may cause mold and stain.

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