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Homwarm Motorcycle Cover, 300D Thick, Waterproof, Anti-UV Protection, Anti-Theft with Storage Bag (XXL, Black)

Bán bởi   Amazon.co.jp
Thương hiệu   Brand: Homwarm
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  • Note: The main unit is printed with "Homwarm" so when you receive the product, please check whether the product is printed with "Homwarm" to prevent you from purchasing the product that is not an authentic product
  • (High Quality Material) Made of thick 300D Oxford fabric with a water pressure resistance of 2,000 Pa, and the cover itself weighs only 2.9 oz (866 g), very durable, and highly durable
  • Superior Waterproof: The thread of the two-piece fabric has been treated with a waterproof treatment. The interior surface is coated with polyurethane paint and UV protective paint. The polyurethane paint has excellent water repellency and water resistance. The interior fabric is also soft and reduces scratches when putting on and taking off, and the UV protective paint protects your motorcycle from UV rays
  • Gentle Design: This product is not only equipped with 2 reflective warning tapes on the front of the product, but for safety in mind, it is better to use as compared to metal holes that are prone to rusting, or the holes in the chain lock are both in front and back, and compared to metal holes that are prone to rust. Designed with elastic hem and one-touch buckle to prevent the cover from flying
  • Product Specifications: Size: 96.6 x 49.2 x 41.3 inches (245 x 125 x 105 cm); Covers almost all kinds of motorcycles, and comes with a dedicated storage bag, making it easy to carry. This product is a one-year quality assurance that if there is any problem during use, even if you open the product, we can deal with exchanges, returns, refunds etc. Please keep in mind: Depending on the cumulative usage time and usage environment, there may be some defects in the product

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