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グッドプラス GoodPlus+ Enameled Lunch Box, Emile Red, Gradient Color, Acid and Alkaline Resistant, Odor Resistant, Vacuum and Long Lasting Ingredients, Leak Resistant, Seal Type, Oven and Direct Heat

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  • Recommended retail price: 4,400 yen (including tax); JAN code: 4549092002142; Size: W 7.8 x D 11.8 x H 6.1 cm); Capacity: 0.74 L; Material: Enameled steel plate, lid: Polypropylene, valve/silicone. ・Produced in Japan. Made in Thailand factory under strict quality control standards
  • The Emile Red Series has a beautiful gradation that is unique to enamel. Emile was born in collaboration with the long-established Japanese enamel manufacturer, Fuji Holo
  • ● Durable and hygienic sealed enamel lunch box. The surface is glass-like and very hygienic, and the stains can be easily removed by washing with water or mild detergent, making it suitable for lunch boxes
  • Since it is air-tight, it does not release juices or odors. For storing sugar and salt seasonings frequently used Can also be used for storing kimchi, pickles, miso, and other odorous ingredients
  • Heat resistant temperature: Lid frame: 212°F to -4°F (100°C to -20°C); Lid: 248°F to -4°F (120°C to -20°C); *Oven safe (lid is not allowed), freezer and refrigerator. Not microwave safe; Main unit only dishwasher safe

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Amile series durable and hygienic sealed enamel lunch box with a beautiful gradation that is unique to the enamel. The glass surface is very hygienic. The smooth glass surface makes it easy to clean by simply washing it with water or mild detergent. It is also suitable for use as a lunch box. Airtight seal keeps juices and odors. Also great for storing seasonings that are frequently used for sugar and salt, or for storing stinky foods such as kimchi, pickles, miso, etc. Also great for pickled bran container.

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