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SYGN HOUSE UNIT 0081661 Bluetooth Communication System B+COM ONE Wired Microphone

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Thương hiệu   Brand: SYGN HOUSE(サインハウス)
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  • Terminal: USB Type C (charging, speaker); Product Size: W 3.7 x H 1.7 x D 0.9 inches (94.8 x 42.1 x 23.2 mm); Weight: 1.6 oz (43 g); Waterproof Rating: IP67 equivalent
  • Supported Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP / Continuous Usage Time: Incoming Call up to about 12 hours / Mobile phone calls and music playback up to about 14 hours (when operating independently)
  • Speaker: Size: 1.6 inches (40 mm) diameter x 0.4 inches (11 mm) driver diameter: 1.6 inches (40 mm) dynamic type, (magnet) neodymium (terminal) USB Type-C plug. *ONE dedicated (SB6X)
  • Maximum number of calls: 6 people / Group call method: B+LINK (universal intercall is chain type); Universal call: Universal intercall, receiver function, universal intercall function

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Color:black (black 19-3911tcx)  |  Size:ワイヤーマイク  |  Style:Regular Edition

B+COM 6X Premium Standard "B+COM ONE"

B+COM SB6X is a top-of-the-line model with B+LINK which has been popular in summer 2017 and is equipped with a new "B+COM" which has become the best sound quality in history. The premium standard "B+COM ONE" (Beacom One) is introduced in 2020, which is equipped with the SB6X B+LINK call function, and the powerful amplifier and high-quality sound speaker.
The B+COM ONE is equipped with the B+COM SOUND SYSTEM which has been focused on high quality sound quality than the first generation model, and the SB6X has been further evolved. High quality sound with a powerful D-grade digital amplifier and ultra-high sound neodymium magnet speakers make your helmet the ultimate audio system. In touring scenes, the "B+LINK" call feature allows you to seamlessly participate in group calls with SB6X. Despite its affordable model, it is equipped with all the next-generation BeCom's basic features, such as listening with good sounds, super easy group calls, and easy to operate. You want to use your mobile gadget more than usual. B+COM ONE. B+COM ONE is a lineup of 2 types: "Arm Microphone UNIT" for open face jet helmets, and "Wire Microphone UNIT" for full-face and system helmets. With the listening talk function, the high end model "SB6X" that allows for in-coming calls while listening to audio listening and the premium standard "B+COM ONE", which is covered with premium sound from B+COM, so you can choose the lineup that riders can choose to suit their needs.

Introducing the new B+COM ONE model that can be used for everyday use or for touring.

B+COM ONE Key Features
B+COM premium sound.
Equipped with SB6X audio quality B+COM SOUND SYSTEM High-end model SB6X class sound and powerful sound pressure thanks to the high output D-class digital amplifier and high magnetic neodymium magnets. B+COM sound that is focused on sound. The B+COM ONE is equipped with two high power amplifiers that are both luxurious and independent for the L and R side speakers. The left and right amplifier produces clear stereo sound with less electrical distortion. The clear and powerful amplifier and high quality speaker provide balanced quality sound in all areas from bass to treble as if you are listening to high quality headphones. These are also vital elements that contribute to audio listening as well as sound quality enhancements for in-coming calls.

Compact design that fits well with helmets.
A simple design with one Bluetooth chip, we pursue a compact and flowing form. In addition, the design does not require an external antenna, making it simple to use, as it does not require the antenna to raise or lower when in-coming calls.

Equipped with a "B+LINK" call function that automatically connects even if a conversation is out of intuitive start by up to 6 people.
B+COM ONE and SB6X are mixed together to pair one in a group. Conversation starts right away. Of course, the previous model "SB5X" and "SB4X/Lite" can also be used with the universal intercall receiver function. "B+LINK" call function is a special call system for B+COM ONE and SB6X.
Connects to the previous model "SB5X" and "SB4X/Lite" with universal phone call function.
For connection to the previous model "SB203", SB213, and SB213.EVO" without universal phone calling, we will connect it with the universal intercall function. (B+COM U)

Equipped with an industry's strongest universal call function.
SB6X innovative B+LINK calling feature combines universal call functions for group calls. The connection method is different, but you can join the same group calls. Normally when connected with other incoms, either one had to use the button for the smartphone. The B+COM ONE uses a universal call function that allows you to receive pairings with the B+COM ONE side of the incoming button without the use of a device button for connecting your smartphone. Allows you to talk with other incoming calls while still being connected to your smartphone. So you can listen to music on your smartphone or answer calls when you're not talking with your other one. If you do not have any B+LINK calls, you can also connect up to two other incoms to bridge connection group calls. It also comes with a universal intercall function that allows you to make calls with a bike incoming or headset that does not have a universal call function. (B+COM U)
There may be instability in operation or audio degradation depending on the connected device; the connection may not be able to be used itself.

Intuitive and highly maneuverable "SB6X" interface
2 incam specific buttons and a jog-dial button for operating devices such as smartphones, and incoming calls and device operation independently. For example, for everyday use or solo touring, it achieves a simple and intuitive operation that can only be operated by the device button. For both B+COM ONE and SB6X, one of the group can immediately start group calls by pressing the call button, and you don't need to operate the end button during B+LINK calls, making it easy to use riding.
Since there is no "listening talk" function, you will need to disconnect and connect with B+LINK calls when switching between incam calls and audio listening while driving.

Supports Japanese voice guidance. Easy to operate with no waste, easy to solve voice.

The large capacity 650mA lithium polymer battery provides up to 14 hours of long life. B+COM's unique power management technology provides up to 14 hours of audio listening and up to 12 hours of incam calls, so you can use it for a day of touring without the stress of running out of battery. The B+COM is not only the specs, but also the ability to be used for a long time.

Can be used even in the rain. IP67 level waterproof means you don't have to worry about sudden rain.

Uses a waterproof connector that supports the next generation USB standard "USB-Type-C" connector. The reversible connector allows you to charge without worrying about the orientation of the terminal when charging.
Does not support USB Type-C rapid charging "Power Delivery" and Qualcomm "Quick Charge"

● Available in a variety of options and dressing faceplates that can be customized to your preference.

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