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Recorte Air Oven RAO-1 Recolte Air Oven (02: Red (Air Oven Body))

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  • Healthy because no oil. Since it circulates high temperature hot air and cooks using the oils of the food itself, it does not require frying oil. In addition, excess oils fall under the inner rim to reduce calories
  • No need to remove messy oils. In an air oven, simply wash the basket and the inner net after use. No need for the hassle of cleaning scattered oil or disposing used oils that tend to be revered from fried foods
  • Compact size that can be easily placed in narrow kitchens; The main unit is compact enough to be placed in A4 size. Much smaller than traditional hot air cookers. Basket: With a capacity of about 0.7 gal (2.8 L) inside, it is compact and can hold plenty of ingredients
  • Heat up commercially available tempura in 5 minutes. Even fried goods that tend to be fresh, you can reheat them in an air oven. It also removes excess oils, so you can be delicious and healthier
  • Includes 28 original recipes for everyday dinner: From calorie savings to oven cooking, we have collected carefully selected recipes for use in Air Oven

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