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Daytona DT-E1 99113 Intercom for Motorcycles, Set of 1, 4 Person Calls, Up to 176.4 ft (800 m), Auto Return Calls, Bluetooth

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  • Smartphone Connection: Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to easily control calls and music
  • [Group Talk Function] Allows simultaneous calls for up to 4 people. Automatically returns when the call is blocked
  • (Connects to Other Incoms) Not only can you connect to Daytona DT-01, but it can also be used to make calls with other companies
  • (High Sound Quality Speaker) Adopts a speaker that emphasizes bass without compromising the quality of calls
  • Other Features: Waterproof and dustproof IP67, Firmware Update, Continuous Talk Up to 12 hours, Background Music, Voice Mixer Function, Music Share Function, Transmission Distance: Approx. 266.4 ft (800 m), Automatic Path Control Device, 2 Mobile Phones Can Be Connected Simultaneously, Speed Dial Function

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Second level in the Daytona Incam series. You are concerned about it, but you can't choose one of the many incams that have been released. For those who can't take a step, we have created an "easy to use and just right" incam. Group Talk: Allows simultaneous calls for up to 4 people. If the distance is far away and the call runs out, it will automatically return to the phone within the range of calls. Speed dial function: Up to 3 phone numbers can be registered on the device. Connects to Other Intercoms: Not only can DT-01, but you can also connect calls with other intercoms. Can be used for approximately 166.4 ft (800 m) of call: Wind reduction and noise cancellation. Clear sound quality allows you to talk about 800 meters away. Background Music: Intercom calls can be played while listening to music and navigation systems. Music Share Function: One music player can share music with two people at the same time. Cannot be used during intercom calls. Voice Mixer Function: While connecting navigation and radar simultaneously, you can listen to both sounds even when warning and guidance are sounded. Only for HFP devices. Smartphone Connection: Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy calls and music with ease. (Japanese-Language Support) Firmware Update: If you experience upgrades such as additional functions or software modification, you can connect it to your PC to update the software. Waterproof specifications: IP67 waterproof performance means you can use it without any hassle even if you suddenly get caught in the rain. Rechargeable: Uses a rechargeable battery that provides approximately 12 hours of continuous talk time. High Sound Quality Speaker: Adopts a speaker that emphasizes low temperatures without compromising the quality of calls.


※Bluetoothは、米国Blutooth SIG,INC.の登録商標です。

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