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Hitachi Boiler Hot Air Overheated Steam Oven Range Healthy Chef Large Capacity 9.8 gal (30 L) 300°C Hot Air 2-Tier Oven W Scan Cooking Cook Pad 30 Recipes MRO-W1X W Frost White

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  • Large Capacity Interior 30L: Interior Effective Dimensions: Width 15.7 x Depth 12.8 x Height 8.6 inches (40.1 x 32.2 x 21.8 cm)
  • Annual power consumption: 70.5kWh/year
  • External dimensions: W 19.5 x D 17.5 x H 14.8 inches (W 49.7 x D 44.2 x H 37.5 cm); Maximum depth with handle and more: 19.7 inches (50.0 cm); Depth when opened: 28.1 inches (71.6 cm)
  • Accessories: Black plates x 2, remove and wash table plate, grill
  • Weight (Temperature) and temperature setting: W scan cooking 174 auto menu
  • Fast Preheating: Maximum oven temperature: 882°F (300°C) 2-tier oven
  • "Triple weight sensor" can be heated continuously after cooking in the oven
  • Number of auto menu: 224 (275)
  • Side Dish Set, 147 Patterns: You can make 1 main plant and 2 side dishes
  • Continuous heat after oven: Auto warming

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The weight and temperature of the food can be adjusted to the fire by using "W Scan Cooking" (*1) The weight and surface temperature (including containers) to control the heating power and time automatically. Use the heating methods of stove, oven, grill, steam and overheating steam for a delicious finish. It can also be used to defrost and heat at an appropriate temperature (*3). In addition, the cookpad makes it easy to make 30 hall of Famer recipes automatically. 1. Pre-heated, use black dishes, manual menu, not included in "W scan cooking". 2-Hitachi research; *3-Hitachi research. The amount of food can be heated automatically depending on the food; Easy to clean and easy to use; We use a white ceramic table plate that can be removed and washed even if it gets dirty. In addition, the interior surface of the garage uses a silicone coating that makes it easy to find dirt and remove it. Since the heater is not exposed, the flat top surface is easy to wipe off, making it easy to clean. In addition, it is easy to use in a bright interior that makes it easy to see the color of the baking, a full dot LCD display that displays the auto menu name and accessories used in letters and illustrations, and the "Easy Range Button" manual range 600 W and 500 W. The "2-stage oven with 300 degrees Celsius hot air (300 degrees Celsius) (1) Switch the direction of the fan during preheating and cooking to optimize the flow of hot air. When preheated, the hot air is collected in the center of the vessel to prevent preheating, and when cooking, the black dish creates a stream of hot air along the top and bottom to bake deliciously to envelop the whole room. 1. The 2-tier oven is only manually applied. You can check all recipes from the included instruction manual and recipe collection with your smartphone.

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