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LX-B4FM Motorcycle Intercom, 4riders, 8riders, Simultaneous Calls, Music Sharing, Intercom, FM Radio, Intercom, Bike, Bluetooth 5.0 Waterproof Intercom, For Motorcycling, Music Playback, Voice Commands, IP67 Waterproof, Radio Helmet Intercom, 15 Hours of Consecutive Calls, For Bikes, Motorbikes, Touring, Type C Terminals, 2 Types of Microphone, Japanese Voice Guidance, Instruction Manual (English Language Not Guaranteed)

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  • (Conversation for 4 or More People) Equipped with a group conversation function, you can call 10 riders simultaneously with B4FM and can communicate up to 1600 m (1600 m) with 10 riders simultaneously. 4 person connection is recommended for stable phone calls. Allows 10 people to call simultaneously hands-free You can play music, use your smartphone, voice command, etc
  • 【Music Share】 Equipped with a music sharing function, you can listen to your favorite music simultaneously with your touring or tandem fellow friends (cannot take calls while sharing). The bike incam allows you to enjoy the time of two people for your hearts! High Sound Quality: Equipped with a bike amplifier and high sound quality speakers, this product delivers clear and powerful sound while driving. You can enjoy high quality music without worrying about the sound around you
  • FM & Waterproof: With FM radio function, you can receive FM radio in Japan, and listen to FM radio broadcasts. It also has improved waterproof functionality, so you don't have to worry about it if it is a little rain!
  • Bluetooth Connection: Easily connect with Bluetooth 5.0, and you can play music, incoming calls, or connect to other companies's Bluetooth incom. Hands-free conversation while riding your bike, and HFP-compatible, voice commands are available. Enjoy clear sound quality for music and navigation voice. (When in-coming calls are calling, music, etc. cannot work at the same time)
  • Battery life and notification: The large capacity lithium on battery provides up to 350 hours of standby time and about 15 hours of continuous talk time. AC adapter not included. DC 5V charger is universal The B4FM earphone port and charging port have been changed to the USB Type-C port. There are two type of incoming coexists, but the quality is the same. Will not affect use

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