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FODSPORTS Motorcycle Intercom M1-S Simultaneous Calls Between 8 Persons, Bluetooth 4.1, Strong Compatibility, Multi-Device Connection, Full Duplex Intercom, 10 Hours of Continuous Use, Water Resistant, Max. Range 2187 yard (2000m), Noise Cancellation, High Sound Quality, HIFI Music, GPS, Voice Guidance, Wireless, Attaches to Helmet, with Japanese Manual (English Language not Guaranteed)

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Thương hiệu   Brand: FODSPORTS
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  • ● Up to 8 people full duplex talk Bluetooth interface that has been designed for simultaneous call group (comb, massively multiplayer call Support, a large and call quality
  • ● Max call distance 2000 m if you are not straight and building obstacles, such as a group of Felix, communication distance is approximately 2000 feet and between the two bike has a maximum effective communication distance of about 500 feet, and both a clear sound and calls.
  • ● High quality speaker with high sound quality hururenzidaiyahuramumonoma-, and can be used with a variety of narrow liners for easy to install. And, like big size and much more available on the market and even bass and sound quality with a strong, high fidelity speaker products.
  • ● Equipped with a noise canceling microphone the CSR chip. The Whoosh, your surroundings such as engine noise sound can also be impossible not to be. High speed running even when not affect call quality.
  • ● Auto mode: the Bluetooth Supported in cam and pop it off to enjoy the music in the phone On the Go. You will listen to the voice navigation map app to hear the music while riding. Playing music during your incoming calls as well as, missing the automatic mode switching, important phone your phone not included.

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