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Hanes T Shirt BEEFY 2 Piece Set

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  • Material: Cotton
  • Material Composition: 100% cotton
  • Chest Measurements:XS: 28.3 - 31.5 inches (72 - 80 cm), S: 31.5 - 34.6 inches (80 - 88 cm), M: 34.6 - 37.8 inches (88 - 96 cm), L: 37.8 - 40.9 inches (96 - 104 cm), LL: 40.9 - 44.1 inches (104 - 112 cm)

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Product Description
Heavy weight (heavyweight) fabric is durable and long lasting, and strong enough to keep your neck from stretching even after washing. Made of 100% cotton fabric, comfortable to wear. The more you wash it, the more it feels good on your skin, and it demonstrates the comfort you expect from BEEFY-T. Seamless round body Classic silhouette with American feel. Recommended not only for men but also for women.

Brand Description
Haynes was born in 1901 in Winston Salem, North Carolina, a vast range of cotton fields. As a basic apparel brand for underwear, t-shirts, and more, it is popular among many people and is proud to be one of the top shares of underwear in the United States. "Comfort is the most important concept, and we have always been loved all over the world as a brand that is close to and close to you. Hanes is a basic apparel brand that is the pioneer of pack t-shirts, and we focus on cotton with natural materials, from underwear, casual items, to bottoms and socks, and support your life in a comfortable and comfortable product.


1901年、広大なコットン畑が広がるアメリカノースカロライナ州ウィンストンセーラムの地に誕生したヘインズ。 肌着やTシャツなどベーシックアパレルブランドとして多くの人々に親しまれ、アメリカ国内のアンダーウェアではトップのシェアを誇ります。 「コンフォート(快適さ)を最も大切なコンセプトとして、数々の魅力あふれる製品を生み出し、常に身近で親しみやすいブランドとして世界中で愛されてきました。 「パックTシャツのパイオニア」でもあるヘインズはベーシックアパレルブランドとして肌着からカジュアルアイテム、ボトムスやソックスに至るまで天然素材の綿にこだわり、快適で気持ちのいい製品を通して快適な暮らしをサポートいたします。

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