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UnitedAthle 594201 Men's Premium T-shirt 6.2 oz

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  • Material: Cotton
  • Material Composition: 全色: 100% 綿; ミックスグレー: 90% 綿, 10% ポリエステル; アッシュ: 98% 綿, 2% ポリエステル
  • The main country of manufacture: China

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UnitedAthle Masterpiece 5942 Premium T-Shirt
Tough Premium T-Shirt. This is a high grade model that is well sewn using high quality fabric. It is resistant to deformation, and the neck area is especially sturdy. We always have a top ranking and reputation for our tees on Amazon. UnitedAthle is proud to offer our best selling tee.

Brand Description
UnitedAthle is a brand of solid apparel that focuses on t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, and nylon jackets.
We aim to create a product that is loved for many times as it is simple and can be worn as many times as you like. From the selection of threads to the sewing process, and we strive to create products that will be loved for a long time.



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